It's Time to Have Fun!

Planned Activities

Date Club Events
Apr. 1-3 Wine Tour in Paso Robles
May 15 O.C. Mystery Tour, Day Drive
June 5 Huntington Beach Concours, Concourso #1
Jun. 12-19 Alfiesta Coronado Convention
July 10 Malibu Canyon Carving and Coastal Day Drive
Aug. 27 Summer Party

Link to Self-Directed Driving Tours

Link to AROC YouTube Channel

Photos From Recent Events

(Thank You David)

Date Event
18 Dec. Holiday Party
7 Nov. Best of France and Italy
2 Oct. Yanks Air Museum Visit, Chino Airport
4 Sept. Santo's Anniversary Open House
17 July Bob Funari Collection
27 June Highway Earth, 2021

Older Pre-Covid Photos

Date Event
8 Mar. Alfa Day in the Valley
19 Jan. AROC Mid-Year Retreat, Cars on the Grass
18 Jan. AROC Mid-Year Retreat, Day Drive
17 Jan. AROC Mid-Year Retreat, Cocktail Party, 2020
14 Dec. Holiday Party
3 Nov. Best of France & Italy
6 Oct. Malamut Vintage Car Museum Tour
(Members will be sent the required password)
4 Aug. Summer Party
14 July Malibu Summer Drive, 2019

Last Updated 9 May 2022